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Toronto Top Business Lawyer Ontario Canada

Testimonials for Toronto Business Lawyers - Dolgin Professional Corporation

"Jordan has been a responsive and reliable advisor to me for nearly a decade. He's quick to identify the important points in any situation and offers solid knowledge and insight. In general business discussions, Jordan has been generous and forthcoming with his time and attention. I value and trust his expertise."
- Jo-Anne Kempe, President, Windmill Software Inc., Toronto, Ontario,

“…I have worked with Jordan for nearly 10 years across 2 companies and will continue to look to Jordan as a trusted business law advisor. He has worked with me through various stages of company growth – from start up to rapid expansion to a successful sale of a company. One of the key things that distinguishes Jordan from other business lawyers is that he “sees the forest for the trees” in that he has a keen business sense and understands the business goals of a deal rather than being fixated on the legalities. He has exceptional legal knowledge and experience but also takes a very pragmatic approach to any business transaction. I would unreservedly recommend Jordan to any entrepreneurial company for all of their business law needs...”
- Terry Mocherniak, Chief Operating Officer, Encelium Technologies ULC, Richmond Hill, Ontario,

“…We worked with Jordan to close our major business transaction in 2006. This was a complicated transaction involving a U.S. public company buyer and many moving parts (including some extensive pre-closing reorganizations). Jordan was able to remain focused on the big picture while guiding us through the important details and helping us manage the overall deal process. His creative M&A skills, together with his responsive and practical approach, were essential to our successful exit…”
- Krista LaRiviere and Chris Adams, Founders, gShift Labs Inc., Barrie, Ontario shiftlabs

“…Having done several significant M&A transactions with Jordan, I have come to appreciate the tangible value he adds to each one. His grasp of the deal, timely turnaround of documentation, solid legal advice and intuitive business sense is greatly appreciated. Jordan consistently delivers exceptional value and will be a valuable member of my team for some time to come…”
- Paul Baxter, President, Baxter Kitchens Inc., Markham, Ontario,

“…We continue to use Jordan because he is highly responsive, takes the time to understand our business and helps us optimize our legal budget by consulting on which battles to fight…”
- Jeff Dunmall and Scott Howlett, Founders, imason Inc., Toronto, Ontario,

“…I was very satisfied with Jordan's handling of my business transaction because of his professionalism and wisdom. Although you learn quite a lot in your business career, in certain areas “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Jordan filled in those gaps and worked with me to a very satisfying conclusion to my deal...”
- Chris Mildon, Unionville, Ontario

“…Jordan will ask about and understand the underlying business risks and so manages legal risks in context. He offers to share contacts and opportunities, both legal and business. He is both forthright and reasonable, and with complicated files that have many grey areas, that is both refreshing and efficient…”
- Sean Pulins, President, Espressocode Inc., Toronto, Ontario,

“…I continue to use Jordan for my company's business law needs because he efficiently identifies the important issues from the unimportant and structures his responses and the transaction accordingly. Jordan's experience and expertise delivered a timely closing to my recent major business transaction notwithstanding the task of dealing with multiple vendors with disparate interests…”
- George Arnold, President, Polefab Inc., Newmarket, Ontario,

“… I have worked with Jordan for some 7 years. He has decided to open his own firm and I applaud this move. We are a global exporter in business some 32 yrs. We will continue to use his services. I have so much confidence in his professionalism, honesty, but more so, his sound advice…”
- Gil O’Hara, President, O’Hara Technologies Inc., Richmond Hill, Ontario,

“…I was very satisfied with Jordan's handling of my major business transaction because he gave sage advice, acted with honesty and integrity and paid very close attention to the huge amount of detail. In the end, I feel that my transaction was completed very successfully…”
- Steve Meschino, King City, Ontario

“…Jordan helped me to successfully complete a few acquisitions. He was great to work with – organized, creative, responsive and practical. His clear understanding of my deal objectives and solid communication skills helped to manage my deal stress. What I valued most was his capacity to think ahead and avoid unnecessary complications. We all know that anyone can make things complicated so I really appreciated his ability to simplify things where possible…”
- Jeff Ekstein, President, Willow Printing Group Ltd., Vaughan, Ontario,

“…I was very satisfied with Jordan's handling of my major business transaction because he brought to the table the unique ability to provide insightful legal advice along with practical business implications and suggestions. I found that this ability, along with Jordan’s utmost professionalism, were invaluable to me during my deal…”
- Derek Cook, President, Delta 360 Inc., Markham, Ontario,